Sunday, November 15, 2009

Tapering for upcoming 5K & 10K runs

As I look to the upcoming week and the 5K coming on Friday and the 10K on Sunday it is going to be a busy week. Let explain how I wrapped up this past week. Thursday November 12 I ran for 45 minutes and logged 4.48 miles with an average heart rate of 146 BPM. This run was very successful and was wearing my Somnio Exact shoes. These shoes have around 11 miles on them and I need to make a trip to Pentagon City for an adjustment. Saturday November 14 I visited Waters Edge a fitness center that has a swimming pool along with cardio and weight training equipment. They are offering a 3 month trial for $100.00 that I will be signing up for to begin my training for the 2010 triathlon season. Sunday November 15 I ran 3.26 miles in 33 minutes and wore my Adidas Supernova shoes. These shoes seem to be causing my right knee to tweak and while this was going to be a 10K run I had to call it short. The only shoes I feel comfortable running in are my Asics that currently have 268.5 miles on them. With so many miles on these shoes I have to find another pair soon or I will find myself running barefoot (ouch).

Tomorrow I am going to the doctors with my wife and we will find out if she can get approved for her to get the gastric bypass surgery and relieve the stress on her back and knees. We are really hoping that she will get a surgery date for December and she can begin the New Year on her way to a healthier life style. Please keep her in your thoughts as she goes through this process and that the insurance company approves her surgery.

Friday November 20

Friday night I will participate in the Anne Arundel Medical Center and Annapolis Striders "Dashing Through the Show" at Sandy Point Park, MD. This is a 5K run through the "Lights On The Bay" light show that benefits the Anne Arundel Medical Center. All proceeds benefit the medical center that I credit to saving my life when I had my heart attacks. To be able to run this race and help raise funds to support this medical facility is remarkable. When I lace up my shoes on Friday evening it will be with pride and I am looking to run a personal best.

Sunday November 22

Sunday morning is the Cold Turkey 10K that is run annually in memory of Kati Fisher. The race starts at 8:30 AM at South River High School and is always a fun time. There are several hills on this course and always presents a challenge that I feel this year I will be better prepared for. With the exception of maybe a jingle bell run in December this will be my last organized run for the year.

This wraps up my thoughts for tonight as you can see I have a busy week ahead of me and need to get plenty of rest.

God Bless you all and thank you for reading my blog.


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