Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Information Session - Comprehensive Obesity Management Program

Well I spoke tonight at the information session where there were around 25 – 30 people in attendance. When I was introduced I stood up and got to show my B & A Trail Half Marathon medal and my Marine Corps Marathon medal. When I explained that the half marathon was achieved 8 months post gastric bypass surgery and the marathon was 15 months post surgery they all applauded. This made me feel very proud of my accomplishments. After speaking about my experience with the clinic at GBMC I answered questions from the attendees. The questions ranged from was I hungry after the surgery to how am I doing now. When I was talking to them it felt really good and I truly feel that the team at GBMC is the greatest.

Obesity is a real problem in our society and you should know that those that become obese do not set out to be that way. My weight problem came on by genetics and illnesses. These things combined to get to the point where they almost took my life. When I speak at these sessions I feel like maybe one person will learn something from my experience and am successful like I have been.

I have one wish and that is if the government passes a health care bill it does not limit the access to life saving and enhancing procedures aimed to help people like myself that need it.

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