Monday, November 2, 2009

Recovery from the Marine Corps Marathon

Since running the 34th Marine Corps Marathon I have worked on recovering and I am glad to begin running again. Throughout the rest of 2009 I will run some 5K and 10K runs to keep the competitive edge. While rebuilding my mileage I am looking for a gym that has a pool so that I can start training for triathlon season next year.

Since this is a new venture for me I am looking for all the tips anyone is willing to share with me. These tips can be from exercises for strength to the gear needed or that would be good to have. My bike is an old road bike from 80's but until I find that I want to continue down this path it will have to do. I am looking for new pedals that don't cost a fortune instead of using toe clips.

Thanks to Facebook I do have this link from Do you have any triathlon wisdom to pass along to others? Please share it.

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