About Me

Peace to All
How and why did I start running? A friend asked me if I would run the 5 mile run that was part of the Casino Olympics in Atlantic City, NJ. Not being a runner I told them I would let them know. I got on the treadmill and ran 5 miles. Then I told my friend sure I’ll run with you, the rest is history.

June 1996 I ran my first marathon in Alaska with Team In Training and hope to return there again sometime. Since then I ran many races and my second marathon the Marine Corps Marathon in 2000. The Marine Corps Marathon was my third marathon and I completed that in 2009. 

When I started to look at what I could do in 2010 the idea of completing a triathlon came to mind. After a long year and many injuries I ran the Nation's Triathlon in September with Team In Training  and raised over $3000.00 to benefit the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society.

2011 was my biggest test yet as I trained to complete the Eagleman Half Ironman in June. Not two weeks later I had a colonoscopy and the doctor told me there was a blockage and that I needed to see a surgeon. July 1, 2011 I got the report from the colonoscopy and was diagnosed with CANCER. This turned my world upside down and I started reaching out to everyone I knew that could help me find the best surgeon to operate on me. My research got me to Dr. Apostolides at GBMC and with the help of Dr Moeinolmolki I was able to get an appointment within days. By August 3, 2011 I was operated on and had a colon resection and started chemotherapy six weeks later. 

With all of this going on I had to clear my schedule and canceled all running and triathlon events for the rest of the year. The only event I kept on my schedule was the Seagull Century Ride in October. Thanks to my Team In Training Teammates I was able to do this ride 3 days after my 3rd chemo treatment.

2012 is now the year that Brian Comes Alive! and I am looking for great strides towards success.