Tuesday, November 10, 2009

2 runs today

As I am still trying to break in a new pair of shoes I ran 2.61 miles around 8:25 AM. With the recent purchase of a Timex heart rate monitor and I am trying to track how my heart is responding to the training. For this first session my average heart rate was 156 with a maximum rate of 159. The second run was at 12:15 PM using my Asics and even though they have 265 miles on them they are very comfortable. This run my average heart rate was 143 and the maximum rate was 161. The mileage for this run was 3.19 miles and I was listening to Lance Armstrong: Run Longer that I downloaded from iTunes. This is an interval training program that after an 8 minute warm-up it then there are a series of 4 minute intervals with 4 minute recovery runs. By incorporating this in my training routine I should be able to increase my run times.

Later this week I will write about my nutritional and supplement program. This has been a very difficult learning curve as I do not eat like I had in the past. Through research I have learned quite a bit and will write that up and post it around the end of this week.

Keep running and no matter what don't let anyone tell you that you can't do it. The phrase "I can't" was not excepted while my children were growing so I won't except it from myself. I CAN or WE CAN Let's Do It!

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