Tuesday, December 29, 2009

2009 Wrap-up

To say that 2009 has been a tremendous year would be an understatement. My accomplishments for this year are few and yet monumental at the same time. March 1, 2009 I ran the B & A Trail Half Marathon sponsored by the Annapolis Striders. This was just eight months after receiving gastric bypass surgery by Dr. Moeinolmolki at Greater Baltimore Medical Center (GBMC). While my time for this event was not what I expected it pointed out to me that my body was different and I needed to find a way to fuel on the go. When the registration for the Marine Corps Marathon (MCM) opened I signed up and started to train to run a full marathon in October 2009. My training had several challenges and I plotted some races to help me judge my abilities.

One of those races was Dawson's Father's Day 10K, this race didn't seem to that big of a deal I had run 10K many of times without incident. During this race I started feeling pain in my left knee around the first mile and I continued to run. When approaching the finish line the clock indicated that I was going to set a personal best so I pushed as hard as I could. After the race I couldn't stand on the leg and was in extreme pain. Well after a trip to the emergency room on the way home and a visit to my orthopedic surgeon I was m told that there was a bone bruise in my left knee. This put my training schedule in jeopardy as I was not able to run for six weeks. My mind started to do play all of these what if scenarios and they all came up with I would not be able to run the MCM as planned.

I posted my problem on Facebook and one of my friends and fellow marathon competitor pointed me to Chi Running. My research on the website led me to by the book at my local Borders Book store. Reading this book cover to cover and then practicing the teachings as I started to run again I was amazed. There was virtually no pain in the knee, and what little there was I figured was due to the shoes I was wearing. With this in mind I went and bought a new pair of shoes and started to get myself back on track. Well now that my training was back on track nothing could stop me now, oops I forgot about getting a cold with the change in weather. Bronchitis to be more accurate, this was another setback that I didn't count on. Could I survive this and still be ready for the upcoming marathon? After a quick trip to the doctors and some penicillin I was ready to go.

Fifteen and a half months post gastric bypass surgery I ran the Marine Corps Marathon and had a blast. When crossing that finish line I was able to say to the world I am back. Since the marathon I have participated in the Dashing Through The Show 5K fun run at the Sandy Point Park in Maryland. This was a lot of fun running through the park with all the Christmas lights to light the trail. The proceeds for this event go to the Anne Arundel Medical Center and as they have helped me many times it is only fair to repay them in a small way.

Now that the holidays are over and boy were they ever special this year. Our daughter Michelle gave birth to her first child a baby girl named Annaliese Kristine on Christmas morning. She is so beautiful and mom and baby are doing fine. Annaliese was not the only baby born this year our other daughter Teira gave birth to Alaina Nichole on Easter morning so we had two holiday baby's this year. The two girls born this year increased our granddaughter total from one to three as Kaylee Kathleen turned two this year. Being a grandparent is so cool it might be better than being a parent…not, I loved being a parent and I hope that when the kids look back they think I was a good one.

Next Year, what is on my agenda and how am I planning to keep on the right track. Currently I am training to run the B & A Trail Half Marathon again March 7, 2010 maybe I can do better than last year. My current training has me swimming and getting ready for the Assateague Assault Triathlon June 20, 2010. This will be my father's day event and my first ever triathlon. The Assateague Assault Triathlon is a sprint triathlon and I am looking for a full triathlon to run in the fall. There are other races that I am planning to run as part of the Annapolis Striders 2010 Championship Series however the father's day run is being replaced with the triathlon. My official training program for the triathlon program starts in February 2010 for now I am trying to get used to the water and the bike saddle. The last time I swam competitively was over 30 years ago. So far I have a new respect for the athletes that swim competitively they must be among the best endurance athletes around.

With a busy year ahead I am going to remain focused on my goals and continue to learn everything I can to help me along the way. The commitment I have towards my training will equal the commitments I have towards my family and my career.

Happy Year to everyone stay safe and have fun.




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