Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Run 30 minutes to relax

Whenever things seem to get a little bit out of control I go running either outside or in it doesn't matter. Usually after a good run I can relax and focus on the tasks at hand. Many only look at the physical aspects of running while I look at the mental benefits from it. When I am training there are no thoughts about anything except the goal of the day's routine. There are times when after clearing the mind and getting in to the zone that problem resolutions just seem to come to me. Many runs I have been on have concluded with a resolution to an issue I have been working on.

My run today was a short 30 minutes and 3.42 miles, since I was getting stressed over something at work it was a welcome break. After the run my day went smooth as silk and everything that seemed to be overwhelming me fell in to place. So the next time you see a large task ahead of you take a moment or two and go for a run you will see the difference.

Tomorrow night I will be going to GBMC to speak to a group of people exploring the road to better health. This will be my first time to speak at this venue and not sure what to expect. The first step to the program at GBMC is to attend a conference where they explain about the different options available and then they have a patient talk about their experiences. So I guess I'll take my marathon medals with me and maybe the jeans I use to wear before surgery.

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