Sunday, January 17, 2010

Triathlon Training – Week 1

This week is the start of Aquafit's first triathlon training program. Yesterday we met with the coaches and they explained the program and expectations for the next 15 weeks. The group seems to be a diverse one and I think that we will have a great time getting to know one another. We had our measurements taken and then a gait analysis was completed, I have a normal gait and can wear whatever shoes I want.

The calendar for the 15 weeks was handed out and it seems to be an aggressive one but has room for flexibility. With that in mind I made my first change and instead of an off day today I did a spin class. This was only my third spin class so I am getting used to it but it was the first one that ended with a puddle of sweat under the bike. My heart rate ranged from 89-161 with an average of 137 so I did not feel over worked. Today's workout did follow a yesterday's 45 min spin class, 40 min run on the treadmill, and some upper body strength training.

There are some questions as I work through this training and preparation for my first event and they surround the gear. Should I wear a triathlon suit or a top & shorts? What kind of wet suit should I purchase? The first race is in June with and ocean swim. What kind of pedals should I install? Currently have the straps on my pedals but never felt safe with them.

Please respond to these questions with any suggestions that you might have for me.

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