Monday, January 18, 2010

Monday 1/18/10

Today's training consisted on a 30 minute run in the morning at a 9:31 pace on the treadmill. If the weather tomorrow is like todays then I will do a noon run outside. This evening I went to the gym for 30 minutes of strength training for the legs and core. My bike is on the rack and I am cleaning it up as I had it in storage for several years due to my health issues. What I would like is some feedback on what type of pedals I should use for triathlons. Along with that go the shoes and cleats to lock in to the pedals. Currently the pedals are straps and I never really liked them but I was not competing either. Should I install aero bars?

Tomorrow will be a rather light day with just a run I'm just not sure how long I will do. Whatever time I don't spend running I will be working on the bike.


  1. This is just my opinion and nothing more: Im sure some people will agree and/or disagree

    Clipless pedals are absolutely the way to go! I did my first duathlon in 2008. A few days before the event, I bought my first road bike and used clipless pedals. This was the first time I rode a biked in YEARS! Essentially, I went straight into clipless pedals and never had a problem. They are very user friendly and admittedly take some getting used to. This article will help you a little more information:

    Clip on aero bars for a road bike for the purposes of triathlon, in my opinion, are a HUGE waste of money! I have some on my road bike and never feel stable on them. On a tri bike I feel A LOT more stable and comfortable. The seat tube positions of the road bike and tri bike are different (among other things). It is these differences that allow a person to feel more comfortable and stable riding aero on a tri bike vs. a road bike. If you absolutely want aero bars I will GIVE you mine! Here’s another article, one of my favs I go back to a lot!

    I hope this all helps.

  2. I use Look Keo pedals on both my road bike and tri bike and love them. Most bike shops will let you try out different pedals. Bring your bike in - have them put the bike on their trainer, and start trying out the different pedals to see what feels right.

    I would hold off on the aero bars. I don't think they'll do you much good in your sprint tri. After you finish the sprint, if you stick with the sport and want to try to adjust your position on the bike to get a little more aero, then clip-ons might do you some good.