Saturday, March 3, 2012

BCA! - Marion's First Half Marathon

Thursday I started taking MaxGXL and Max N-Fuze now it is to early to say how these are helping me at this time. Since the doctor was able to attack the pneumonia and I didn't wind up in the hospital, Thanks doc. The chemo side effects are kicking my butt the neuropathy is the worse of all. My hands hurt so much that it hurts to type. The dizzy spells are pretty bad I almost fell on my ass a few times yesterday, so I am walking with my cane.

This weekend Marion will run her first Half Marathon on Sunday in my honor. Here is the t-shirt she had made to wear for the race. This the first time I saw my name with Survivor next to it. That is what I am a SURVIVOR of Colon Cancer. So while Marion is out there on the trail running I am asking everyone to wish her well and say a prayer for her success. It will be so great to watch her cross that finish line and get her medal will be awesome. She has trained hard and is fighting a cold or something but still lacing up her shoes to run. When I see all that she has done for me over the past eight months I can only say that I owe her big time. Without Marion and my daughter Tesia I am not sure where I would be today. The support before, during and after treatments. The many lunches with Tesia which really were a way to check up on me during the day. These all mean so much to me that I am not sure if I will ever be able to thank them enough for being in my life.

Good Luck Marion on your first Half Marathon and know that I will be at the finish line to hug the stuffing out of you.

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