Tuesday, March 6, 2012

BCA! - 2 Mile Run/Walk

Well today was the day to lace up the running shoes and get back outside and start running. The run today was very different and my muscles were screaming: WHAT ARE YOU DOING TO US? While my timing is way off I am impressed that after 8 months off that I was able to complete the 2 miles. This is the start of my half marathon training as I am scheduled to run the Marine Corps Historic Half Marathon on May 20, 2012. To achieve this goal I will be running 3 days a week with my long run on the weekend.

To work up to the half marathon distance I have a 5K run March 17, 2012 and a 10 mile run April 1, 2012. The 10 mile run will be a challenge as there are many hills to run but Marion will be on course with me. The goal is to start out slow and build up with speed workouts late spring, early summer. The weight training will start next week to help regain the muscle mass that I lost while undergoing chemo treatments.

Thanks for all your support during my treatments, I need your support more now than ever before.

Brian Comes Alive! (BCA!) 2 mile run/walk data from my Garmin 910XT.

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