Wednesday, March 14, 2012

BCA! - 5K Run/Walk

Well it has been a real whirlwind these past few days and I am exhausted. Saturday I helped the wife in the garden by tilling the soil to get it ready for planting. When that was done I took a nap before going to the Bike Doctor open house. The event was fun and I really enjoyed catching up with my fellow Iron Crabs. Oh and Marion won a bike jacket that is awesome.Sunday was an R & R day where I slept for several hours and ran a low grade temperature off and on all weekend.

Today, I got up after getting 2 hours of sleep and went for a 5K run/walk. This was a good run as I only walked about a half a mile during the run. The timing was a little slow but I am told that is to be expected and I should be happy that I am able to get out there in the first place. So I celebrate the successes and keep striving towards more of them. This Saturday I will run the St. Patty's Day 5K in Ocean City, MD and I am hoping for a sunny morning run on the boardwalk.
Nation's Triathlon 2010

With the warm weather I will take my bike out for my first ride post chemotherapy. This will be great if i can just get through the 7 mile loop around the house. From there I will build up to the 37 miles I will need to ride in May. The Nation's Triathlon this September will be a big event for me and were I will prove what a cancer survivor can accomplish. Just when you think I cannot do much more my wife and I will be training to run the Marine Corps Marathon in October. While this will be my third time running this event I will be counting it as a first along with Marion's first marathon.

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