Monday, February 20, 2012

FCA & BCA Frampton & Brian Comes Alive

Last night my wife and I went to see Frampton Comes Alive 35 years. She gave me the tickets for my birthday in December with four chemotherapy treatments left. During this time I was not doing well and she thought that giving me something that I could celebrate my final treatment would get me through the tough road ahead. Well I made it through all of my treatments and I couldn't have had a better celebration. Three hours of great music in a wonderful theatre in Washington, DC.

While I am completed with the treatments the side effects are hanging on but not for long if I can help it. You see my half marathon training program starts this week and my full triathlon and strength training programs start next week. My first 5K race is St Patty's Day in Ocean City MD and my goal is to finish it running and hope to run the whole distance. No worries no chemo so I will have a beer at the end maybe two. If you're not busy come on down and run the boardwalk with me and help cheer me on the road to recovery.

My current status as it relates to cancer is I AM A SURVIVOR and plan to come back stronger and better than I was before. Colon Cancer is a difficult cancer to deal with as it comes to the side effects from the surgery through the chemo treatments. What most do not understand is that they remove you whole colon and in my case more. Then you have to try to regain control of your bowls in six weeks because that is when the chemotherapy starts. The side effects from chemo are many but one is diarrhea and this is the most embarrassing. There were times when you got to go and don't make to the facility in time. To gain control of this I wound up taking 5 imodium tablets every 4 hours throughout treatments. The other side effects are not as embarrassing but do to the pain I started to take pain medication and could not drive. Well I could but I don't want to get a DUI or worse yet kill someone because I was to proud. So I turned the keys over to the wife and she has been driving me around for the past 3 months.

Don't ever be to proud to ask for help there are so many people out there willing to help you just need to ask. So as I come off the medications and get my life back together I am a SURVIVOR.

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