Monday, May 2, 2011

May 2011

May Day has come and gone and the training for the Eagleman Half Ironman event is entering the finial phase. The training plan has over 30 hours of training on it with many of the days training either 2 or all 3 of the parts of the events. There will be some open water swims with the first practice triathlon on Saturday in  Pasadena, MD at the Yacht Club. This will be a chance to get the wetsuit on and get my feet wet. unfortunately for me my wetsuits are sleeveless. This months training is very important as it will tell me if I am truely ready to take that first step to becoming an Ironman.

May is very important for my cause to raise over $2,600.00 and I need to raise another $800.00 to meet my goal by May 27, 2011l. What I need everyone to do is to visit my Fund Raising site and donate whatever they can to help us fight this enemy of everyone.

The swim this morning was a good one and the run this afternoon was a hot one. This will surely get me ready as it has known to be very hot on course during the run.

Please leave any words of encouragement or tips for success here and I will be sure to reply to them.

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