Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Marine Corps Historic Half

The race was awesome and so was my relay partner/wife Marion. The day started at 4:00 AM with the alarm going off so that I could get the coffee brewing and our oatmeal ready to eat. Nothing better than steel cut oatmeal with homemade apple butter syrup to get the day started. We took our vitamins and started to get our fluids built up as we got ready to run. We were checking out of the hotel and on our way by 5:30 AM to the park and ride to catch the shuttle to the starting line. Marion went on to the starting line and made a last minute stop at the porta potty and then got lined up in the section for a 2:30 finish time, I went to catch my shuttle to the transition point. The race instructions said that our time in transition didn't count against us and yet the person monitoring the area told us that it did count against us. With no way to let Marion know this I took the video of her finishing gave her the camera and took off running.

The course was fun and since I knew that I would be doing some hills I was prepared as you can be. The local residents were out cheering everyone on and there were bands playing along the way. As I was approaching the 10 mile mark I knew that hospital hill was next. Since I was wearing my Team In Training shirt one of the coaches from the National Chapter hooked up with me and helped keep me focused on making it up the hill. To my surprise when we got to the top he wished me luck and peeled off to help someone else. This is why training with TNT is valuable not just for the athlete but for the cancer patients we raise funds to help.

As I approached the finish line it was getting crazy and the runners that already completed their run and the volunteers were going all out to give you that extra push to cross the line. We placed 81 out of 116 finishers here are our timings.

81. 2:31:01 AFD Relay Team                          (1:15:31)
  1  1:13:29    B60 Brian Lewis                
  2  1:17:32    A60 Marion Lewis               

There were 300 teams registered so I think we did really great finishing and Marion ran great. Look at her time and this was the longest run that she has completed to date. Next year we will do the whole thing together and maybe beat our time from this year.
Finish Line photo at the Team In Training tent

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