Saturday, April 24, 2010

Aquafit Triathlon Training Program

WOW – here it is April 24, 2010 and triathlon training program came to an end with a mini indoor triathlon. This program started the week of January 17, 2010 and I was really pumped to get started. While the training calendar seemed to be an aggressive one I realized that to be successful in the world of triathlons it had to be this way. Let me take this time to thank our head coach Allison F. Harper and our swim coach Ellyn Vail for giving us the leadership needed to see this through. These coaches were there when we needed to talk out our fears and to encourage us to keep going. With these 15 weeks of training behind me I feel confident in my knowledge to continue my training leading up to my first triathlon the Assateague Assault Triathlon in June 2010.

This next 6 weeks will be very tough on me as I continue forward towards the running of my first official triathlon. So for those of you that are connected to me on Facebook and Twitter I will be looking for your support and guidance. To my wife the most important support person in my life please keep believing in me and understand that I am not ignoring you.

With all this said I am ready to ROCK ON!!!!

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