Friday, February 11, 2011

February update

The time is flying by so quickly that it is hard to believe that it is February 11, 2011. Tomorrow is the first race of 2011 and even though it is a 5K run to me it symbolizes the start of the year. There definitely seems to be something special about this time of the year. The Super Bowl is done, pitchers and catchers are reporting for spring training, and NASCAR is getting ready for the Daytona 500. With all of this going on here I am ready to run the first 5K of the year.

There are 120 days until the Eagleman Half Ironman and I am working hard to be competitive in that event. With the Maryland Team In Training Team along side of me this will be a great event. One of our Honored Teammates is Eva Paxton, she is training for this event and undergoing chemotherapy. When you have teammates like Eva you push a little harder to be your best. Before I reach the starting line in Cambridge, MD I will run several other events that you can find on my schedule page.

There have been some setbacks in my training schedule with having a cold to start January and February off with. Now that those are behind me the training will be going full steam ahead. My swim coach is teaching the breath stroke and I am getting more comfortable in the water. The bike is on the trainer for the winter and while I am not use to riding in doors it seems to be going well. Most of my run training is on the treadmill which I know everyone disagrees with but when you have a cold running in freezing temperatures is not fun. There will be a long run this week outdoors to prepare for the B&A Trail Marathon on March 6, 2011.

As promised I will talk a bit about nutrition and my personal fight with obesity. That is right I said obesity, something that is genetic and I could not be lucky and have it pass me by. Since having gastric bypass surgery in July 2008 and losing over 100 pounds I struggle to keep it off. This was a life changing event for me and I have been on a restricted diet since then. This off season I added weight training to my schedule and while I am stronger now it also put some more weight back on me. There are ongoing conversations with my doctors but I am looking for a nutritionist certified in sports and working with endurance athletes. To say that I am concerned about gaining weight again that would not be an understatement. My promise to you is that I will always keep an eye on this and your recommendations and ideas will be considered.

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