2011 Schedule

  1. Valetines Day 5k February 12, 2011 - Ice on the path tempature was 20+ degrees time 34:19.
  2. B&A Trail Marathon March 6, 2011 - Rain tempature was in the 50's did the half marathon and set a new PR.
  3. St. Patrick's Day Boardwalk 5K March 12, 2011 - nice day for a run and it was great having my wife and daughter at the starting line with me and we all finished. Time was 31:34 another PR, so far this year is being good to me.
  4. Cherry Pit 10 Mile April 3, 2011 - nice run but the hills between mile 6-8 took a lot out of me my watch has me with a time of 1:55:04 which I will take.
  5. Marine Corps Historic Half Marathon Relay May 15, 2011
    -  AFD Relay Team placed 78 out 112 teams that completed the race with a team time of 2:31:01.
  6. Second Annual DE-feet Breast Cancer 5k Run/Walk May 22, 2011 - This was a good day for a race and we ran it in honor of mom who was diagnosed December 2010. My race time was 30:05 this was my fastest 5K this year.
  7. Chestertown MD Tea Party 10 Miler May 28, 2011 - unoffical results based on stop watch 1:44:14 with average heart rate of 157 BPM.
  8. Eagleman Half Ironman June 12, 2011 - Completed results not available at this time
  9. Assateague Assault Triathlon Relay June 19, 2011 - Completed and team AFD had a great time for our first triathlon event and will be doing more in the future.
  10. WDF/RATW 5K- July 9, 2011 - completed this run at a finishing time of  32:04:01 which is disappointing but comes after a diagnoses of Colon Rectal cancer 9 days earlier. 
  11. John Wall Mile July 16, 2011 -  Unable to run this race due to colon cancer.
  12. Dog Day 8k August 7, 2011 - This race wasn't run due to colon cancer treatment
  13. Tri / Run The Wildwoods August 20, 2011 (sprint triathlon) This race has been deferred until 2012 due to colon cancer treatment.
  14. Nation's Triathlon September 11, 2011 - This race has been deferred until 2012 due to illness.
  15. Metric Marathon October 2, 2011 - Unable to run this race due to colon cancer.
  16. Sea Gull Century Ride October 15, 2011 - this was completed 3 days after my 4th chemo treatment was done. While it took me 8.5 hours of ride time my TNT teammates were waiting for me at the finish line. What a greeting I got and I was totally spent.
  17. Down's Park 5 Mile November 5, 2011 - cancelled due to cancer treatment
  18. Anniversary Run 15k December 11, 2011 - cancelled due to cancer treatment